Raised in St. Louis in a Christian home, Kyle’s conversion happened at the University of St. Louis Missouri in 2001. After graduation Kyle married his wife Valerie and started attending Grace Bible Church in North County, where he was discipled and encouraged in his pursuit of the truths of God. Soon, Kyle became a leader of the discipleship ministry, walking believers from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity. Eventually, Kyle was put over the the Discipleship and Men’s Ministry. His passion is for training and equipping men and women for the ministry, and perpetuated growth of numerous believers within the church. For the past 9 years Kyle has been serving faithfully in his church and city, preaching and teaching.

Kyle also has been ministering nationwide as a Christian rapper under the alias “Tory Starks“ formerly known as "Future".

He has helped to impact the urban culture with the gospel through Hip Hop. His first 2 albums have been sold in Europe, Africa, and Australia. His ministry continues to grow and Kyle is committed to the proclamation of the gospel, believing it is only thing that will change our culture.

Leaders Pic (Benji)



Hailing from the great state of Texas, Benji and his family moved to the St. Louis area in 2010 with the intent to return to Texas in two or three years. Seven years later they’re still here and are now working tirelessly to move all their friends and family from Texas to Missouri.

Benji met, fell in love with, and confessed to his (now) wife he was going to marry her in college, on the phone, during their first ever real conversation. Nineteen years later they’re still on their honeymoon. They have two boys, Jaden and Zach, and two dogs which totals up to five headaches for Jessica on most days.

Benji is a lanky, loud talking, guy who is always losing his voice and cries a lot. He drinks too much coffee, cheers for Duke basketball, and loves to pray with people. He counts himself a collector of friendships and according to his count he has way more great friendships than any man should ever have in this life which makes him a big ole moocher.

He’s preacher's kid who first called out to Jesus at the age of seven and a ragamuffin who’s spent the subsequent 33 years being found by Jesus over and over again. He’s the product of a merciful and gracious God, amazing parents, great choices in friends and mentors, better choice in spouse, and bad choices in other places, hence the love for prayer.