We’ve been having practical conversations this summer in our ‘As I Live’ sermon series. With that in mind, I want to offer a simple practical post today.

The majority of people no longer carry a Bible or even bring one to service after the creation of Bible apps. Smartphones now store our wallet, thoughts, friends, and books in a 3x4 inch thin plastic electronic case.

The downside goes without saying. Is there anything better than the awesome smell of the inside of a book.? That is, of course, a rhetorical question, since we all know there is not. The upside is that for the first time in human history there are no limitations to access to the scriptures. It is available to God’s people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can be engaged in, minute by minute or hour by hour increments of time.

It can be shared freely and easily. It can be turned into art or memes. It can be quoted, not misquoted but actually quoted word for word and then... freely misused (some things never change). For thousands of years, people desired ways to have greater access to the scriptures and to share that access. That time is upon us.

So for all of you reading, who are living in this monumental time of unlimited, unfettered, access to the Word of God I would like to ask, “How is that working out for you?” Practically speaking.

I would contend that the greater access has not made us more determined, more studied, more learned, but just the opposite. It remains true that ease and comfort are only good for recovery and apathy. For many of us, the point of recovery has past and the onset of apathy is real.

We have access to the greatest volume of spiritual and theological insight that human history has ever known. We have the ability to engage the mind of God through His word at will.

(I’m speaking to me in all of this as well)

And let it be said publically and practically, we ARE without excuse.

One day we will give an account; family, what will we say?

“God, the problem was you made it too accessible, too easy.” I’ll pass, but let me know how that works for ya.

“Benji, our issue isn’t access to the Bible, it’s time”. Time!?! We are the freest people who have ever lived with the most amount of free time and liberty that has ever existed.

The Bible, Bible dictionaries, concordances, and commentaries they are in our pocket.

Today is the day. The practical counsel for us... be in the Word. If needed, break out a good old fashion book version and smell the glorious aroma of the pages. As they used to say on Reading Rainbow, “Take a look in the book”. Or open up your smartphone or tablet if you want.

But don’t, DO NOT, plan on offering an excuse.

That’s as practical as it gets.

B. Varner

Jonathan Francois