A Word for Advent

A long time ago there was nothing. Only God existed, in three distinct persons:  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. With a word, He spoke our existence into reality. From darkness... light burst forth.

He crafted a world with water and land. He purposefully created each living thing that filled those waters and the land. With His mighty hand he flung the stars and planets into space.

And when he was finished with that, he created a man and a woman that He might love them and they in return would love Him. He gave that man and that woman rules to follow so that they could understand Him more.

However, they broke those rules and were separated from God.

The world that He had painstakingly created for them was now tainted with a curse. Pain and sadness entered in. Work became a burden. Communication was broken. The world was falling apart.

God looked down upon His creation and grieved that He was now apart from them.

However, instead of destroying the man and woman, he told them a very special secret.

"I will not leave you alone forever in your misery; the Son shall come and he shall take the curse upon His back so that you and your children might be with me once more."

The man and the woman began to wait. Their children waited. Their children's children waited. Thousands of years creeped along, pain and agony infesting the lives of every man and woman who walked this world.

God would whisper more of the secret to certain people and implore them to share it with others.

"He will be born in Bethlehem"

"He will be the son of a virgin girl"

"He shall judge the earth with righteousness"

God whispered these secrets, and many more, to those who would listen.

Until one day, he stopped whispering.

The world grew darker and darker as the curse was not held back by his words.

The people waited in darkness, longing for a reprieve from the sin and sadness that followed them every moment of their lives.

Four hundred years of silence slowly, painfully, frightfully passed by. Many men and women began to doubt that God even existed.

Three wise men in a land far away had been putting some of the secrets together. They thought that perhaps God was real and perhaps His Son was indeed coming.

And then a star called to them. A tiny pinpoint of light in the darkness beckoned their hearts to go to Bethlehem. These rich men with their knowledge were called by God with the light of a star that he had flung into existence long before.

In Bethlehem, some poor, dirty shepherds were sleeping on the ground in the pitch black, guarding their sheep from wolves. They were waiting for the sunrise, the light. They were waiting for it to be safe. They were a picture of how men and women had been waiting for the light to come back into the darkness.

They waited in the stillness, their ears piqued for the slightest sound, warning of danger.

And it was so dark.

And then it wasn't!

Hundred, thousands, millions of God's heavenly servants, angels, filled the sky. Because they lived with God, they themselves were full of light and could not keep it in. The sky was brighter than if it were day time. And they shouted and sang: "Glory to God in the highest! And on earth, peace to men!"

For the secret was finally told to all! The Son, the Savior had finally come. After centuries of darkness, the One who could remove the curse and bring men and women back together with their God, their Father, their Creator who loved them. He did not come as a destroyer of men and women who were cursed. Instead he came as a tiny baby so that He might be one of us! We deserved His wrath and punishment and yet he came in forgiveness and peace!

He took the punishment for their sins upon his own back and made it so that when God looked upon men and women he saw the Son's righteousness, not their wickedness.

So we say, "Thank you," to our Creator and Savior and share the forgiveness we've received with others who also do not deserve it.

Joy to the world! Glory to the new born King who defeated darkness and death and who is coming again for his children and to destroy evil.

J. Bubenik

Jonathan Francois