So I wrapped up reading Matthew today! First time I can remember starting a book of the Bible and finishing it… but prior to that, I had a nosebleed.


I was using a napkin from Chipotle (always plenty of those laying around) and I guess I rubbed too hard, causing a crimson flood to flow from my right nostril. Luckily, my dad was here to give advice, because I may very well have bled to death; this was probably my 3rd or 4th nosebleed in life. He told me to pinch my bridge, not to tilt my nose back and got me a bag of ice and a clean oil rag to catch the bleeding, rather than that easily-soiled Chipotle napkin.


After the bleeding stopped, I saw the trail of blood from the hallway through the kitchen to the sink. Dad grabbed a mop and some sanitizing spray and mopped it up before it sat for too long. As I tried to use the nozzle in the sink to spray the blood out of it, it hit me.

Blood doesn't take too long to stick to whatever surface it's on and stain it. Like now, I just looked down at my white "Our Son Is God" shirt and saw what certainly will be a difficult stain to blot out. On the heels of my completion of Matthew, I immediately thought about the blood of Jesus, how I had prayed yesterday during communion to be covered by this blood.

The idea that this blood stains me… sticks to me and never leaves me… and most importantly, never loses its power… rocked me. No matter what I'm doing, what I'm going through or how I'm feeling, His blood is covering me. And I don't have to worry about blotting it out, because it is blotting out my sin, allowing me a chance to have sweet salvation and a relationship with the Father.


What a revelation. What a great boost to start the week with and to end the month with. May we never lose sight of the beautiful blood that stains us all over and gives us life everlasting.

B. Keys

Jonathan Francois